No more:
Filing, photocopying, chasing lost or damaged paperwork.
Your time will be devoted to supervising, improving productivity and making your business more profitable.

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Due Diligence

Rebar is a simple app that allows companies an online, affordable way to stay compliant with health and safety regulations.
Rebar bridges the gap between your office and project site. Provides supervisors and employees: quick access to safety reference material, allows for better communication between the office and project site.

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Saves Lives

Rebar’s number one goal is to ensure your employees go home safe at the end of each workday.
By giving employees access to tools and resources onsite, Rebar can reduce the risk of workplace injury by answering important questions onsite while ensuring code compliance.

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Rebar has developed a new mobile app to bring your company's health and safety program online and on the go. The Rebar app bridges the gap between the site and the office. Rebar stores all of your information, allows access to quick reference material, alerts you of expired documents, and allows you and your employees to fill out checklists and report hazards and incidents with pictures.
Let's face it, site supervisors do not want to deal with tracking paperwork, and office administration doesn't like collecting crinkled, dirty paperwork. Say goodbye to inefficient paper trails while storing everything digitally online. Perfect for both large and small companies, the Rebar app is much cheaper than a single safety infraction (which happened 8,452 times last year).
Today's technology is a way to organize and simplify our lives. Let Rebar guide you into today’s paperless world.