Track, Manage, Record!

Track hazards; manage employees and sub trades on site and record meetings, all through convenient digital forms! Fill out on-the-spot health and safety documents and checklists with no need to worry about filing paper or getting it to the office! Stay current with policy updates, job site inspection notifications, and employee training. Forms get automatically sent to head office with photos and signatures for greater communication, and most importantly ensuring your companies due diligence.

Save Money!

The average Ministry of Labour fine in 2014 was estimated at over $11,000, costing businesses of all sizes over $9 million in total conviction charges! Avoid these costly mistakes by allowing the Site Safety Solutions app to manage and ensure your documents are in place. Get free access to Health and Safety manuals, tools and resources and samples to policies and checklists all in one location.

Save Lives!

By using Site Safety Solutions you are giving supervisors and employees free safety information in one location, which can reduce and/or prevent workplace illnesses, injuries and possible fatalities.

Stay Up to Date!

Get notified of Ministry of Labour safety blitz's, policy updates and notifications of expired jobsite inspections and employee and sub trade training.

Knowledge At Your Fingertips!

You will have access to your companies policies, project information, employee training and other resources. Safety manuals, toolbox talks, MSDS and safe work practices and procedures and more are all just a tap away. Unlike the competition that aims at just helping the employer store their health and safety documents, the Rebar App has features that give the employees the proper resources and information at their fingertips so that they can make the right decisions on site. Want to find out the safe way to use a ladder? No Problem! Simply type "ladder" into the Safety Talks topic search bar and it's right there for you to reference!

Employee Work Alone Feature!

Unlike any other app on the market, Rebar allows you to use due diligence with the Work Alone Geolocation Feature by tracking your employees working alone!